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UMAYA Lighting Design

UMAYA Lighting Design perceives the lit environment as the perfect fusion of artistic design and technological innovation. Over the years we have learnt to create lighting designs that are innately holistic by encapsulating a diverse cross section of architectural and engineering disciplines.

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UMAYA Lighting Design

Ours is a multi-faceted design perspective focused on crafting illumination schemes that serve to not only complement architecture but also to enhance it. In short, it is our intention to shape carefully lit spaces that are not only pleasing to the eye but more importantly, create a sense of harmony amongst its occupants.

Most of all though, UMAYA Lighting Design's conceptual approach to lighting design results in schemes that extend beyond the artistic abstract and into tangible solutions that are technically feasible, delivered on time and on budget whilst remaining very relevant to their cultural context.

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Our Services

  • Lighting Design

    Note that this is an outline of the typical services provided by UMAYA Lighting Design. Please conta…

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  • Lighting Master Planning

    In large scale and urban development projects a lighting master plan is necessary to guarantee the a…

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  • Lighting Control Design

    The comprehensive design of a lighting control system not only provides tremendous savings in energy…

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  • Daylight Studies

    With rising energy costs and an increasing number of green-building certifications across the globe,…

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  • Lighting Project Management

    Given the complexity of large-scale project, with stakeholders usually in different locations and wi…

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  • Fixture Design

    Sometimes the perfect luminaire for a space or application does not exist; this could be for a varie…

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  • Energy Saving Studies

    Lighting retrofit, control re-configuration or even fitting replacement have become common practices…

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Our Global Presence


Middle East


Latin America

Middle East
  • Dubai
  • Barcelona
Latin America
  • Montevideo
  • Buenos Aires
Our office Middle East

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Tower BB1 - Office 505
Mazaya Business Avenue
Jumeirah Lake Towers
P.O.Box 30243
T: +971 4 457 7838
F: +971 4 457 7979

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Beirut - Lebanon

M: +961 3 815303

Our office Europe

Barcelona - Spain

Carrer Pau Claris 173
Piso Quinto, Puerta Primera, 08037
T: +34 931 139903

Our office Latin America

Montevideo – Uruguay

Luis B. Cavia 2721
T: +598 2707 9187
M: +598 97 129 711

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Lavalleja 520, CP 1414
T: +54 11 4855 2986 
M: +54 9 11 5647 4070

Dubai - UAE

T: + 971 4 457 7838
F. + 971 4 457 7979


T. + 34 931 139903


T. + 598 2707 9187
M. + 598 97 129 711


T. + 54 11 4855 2986
M. + 54 9 11 5647 4070