From daylighting to master planning and everything in between, we have done it all when it comes to lighting design.
Lighting Design

Note that this is an outline of the typical services provided by UMAYA Lighting Design. Please contact us to discuss any potential projects and receive a full fee proposal with detailed scope of services and deliverables.

Concept Design Stage

This initial stage comprises of meetings with the architects, interior designers and/or client to define the project requirements, design approach and other factors relevant to the lighting design. UMAYA Lighting Design then prepares a Lighting Concept Report, with sketches, diagrams and illustrations to convey the lighting design intent and strategies.

Preliminary Design Stage

This stage involves the development of the concept defined in the previous stage. It usually consists of preliminary lighting layouts on plans or elevations, preliminary schedules indicating the type of luminaire and lamp, preliminary details of critical areas to confirm the feasibility of the installation and lighting calculations to check compliance with international standards. A preliminary budget and load schedule could be added in this stage, depending on the project requirements.

Design Development Stage

During this stage all the existing lighting documents are further refined and developed. Specific installation and provision details are prepared to incorporate them into the main architectural and ID packages, specifications are enhanced to include photometric data and gear information. The budget, load schedules and control schedules are also prepared in this stage. If necessary, a full mock-up package will be developed.

Construction / Tender Documents Stage

This stage sees the finalization of the complete lighting package, consisting of lighting layouts, details, specifications, BOQs, load schedules, control schedules, control diagrams, vendors list and final budget. These are then incorporated into the final design and tender packages.

Tender Evaluation Stage

A professional evaluation of all the received bids is critical to guarantee the desired performance and effect of the lighting systems. The returned tenders are assessed and a confidential report issued to the client with comments and recommendations.

Site Supervision  / Commissioning Stage

Our team performs programmed visits during construction to ensure that the installation of the lighting equipment is performed as planned. RFIs pertaining to the lighting package are also replied to at this stage. Once the installation is completed UMAYA Lighting Design assists in the commissioning, aiming and programming of the lighting equipment. A final inspection then takes place and a report is issued to the client for handover.

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Lighting Master Planning

In large scale and urban development projects a lighting master plan is necessary to guarantee the aesthetical and performance consistency of the project.

A lighting master plan is a comprehensive document which defines the guidelines and requirements to be followed, it provides a framework from which to develop the lighting schemes of the different components of the project.

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Lighting Control Design

The comprehensive design of a lighting control system not only provides tremendous savings in energy costs, but also enhances the overall lighting experience of a project, through the use of scenes and specific behaviours.

Contemporary lighting design looks into the interaction of the user with its surroundings, demanding full control of the light settings.

At UMAYA Lighting Design we deliver the following documents as part of a Lighting Control Package:

- Lighting Control Layouts indicating the different control groups.

- Lighting Control Schedules depicting the behaviours of these groups, the control component used for each group and the triggers which activate each response. 

- Lighting Control Diagrams, depicting the general lighting control system, its components and how they relate with each other.

- Lighting Control Specifications and BOQs.

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Daylight Studies

With rising energy costs and an increasing number of green-building certifications across the globe, daylight studies have become an invaluable tool to forecast daylight ingress in buildings, plan mitigation or harvesting strategies, and develop lighting and control schemes accordingly.

UMAYA Lighting Design delivers full daylight studies, be it to develop the most efficient envelope for a building, predict the effects of natural light in indoor spaces or develop a comprehensive energy-efficient lighting scheme.

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Lighting Project Management

Given the complexity of large-scale project, with stakeholders usually in different locations and with opposing interests, Lighting Project Management is always the right option to streamline processes, avoid unnecessary costs and reduce time.

Our team of lighting professionals provides a comprehensive Lighting Project Management service, starting from the initial feasibility studies, to design, tender support, procurement, construction supervision and final testing and commissioning.

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Fixture Design

Sometimes the perfect luminaire for a space or application does not exist; this could be for a variety of reasons like size, finish, performance, technology or aesthetics.

UMAYA Lighting Design has direct contact with dozens of R+D departments across the globe, capable of developing and producing the most unique of light fittings.

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Energy Saving Studies

Lighting retrofit, control re-configuration or even fitting replacement have become common practices, specially in large-scale commercial, industrial and hospitality projects, due to rising electrical bills and the advancement of lighting technologies in terms of efficiency and life span.

UMAYA Lighting Design develops full Energy Saving Studies, including re-design, specification, financial analysis, procurement support and installation supervision, to achieve the most savings while enhancing the lighting scheme.

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Value Engineering

With increasing budget constraints most projects enter a downward spiral of cost-saving exercises, which lead to meagre aesthetical results and poor quality products. At UMAYA Lighting Design we follow a conscious and realistic value-engineering process, by identifying what is essential, what is preferable and what is secondary in a project.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best value-for-money while being truthful to the project’s essence.

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