Burjuman Mall

Location: Dubai, UAE
Use: Commercial
Scope: FaÇade & Internal Lighting Enhancement
Year: 2017

From a conceptual standpoint UMAYA’s interior lighting design was conceived to reflect the façade’s exterior lighting design strategy whilst delivering internationally mandated illuminance levels for a high-end commercial space defined by a refined interior space.

Downlights in recessed slots work as the main general-illumination element, supported by recessed slot-lights that help in delineating storefronts. Mini LED markers are aligned along the balustrades’ glass joints in order to demarcate them. Illuminated columns result in visual targets that deliver a sense of vertical light to these structural elements. Atriums are delineated by grazing the sides of concrete slabs, all of which were finished with small wood slats, thus ensuring that the lighting effect enhances finishes with added depth. Canvases floating at the top of atriums are illuminated from below to reflect the lightness of these particular structures. Kinetic lighting installations are proposed in the vacuum of the atriums to add more visual appeal and balance the overall hollowness. Finally, water features were accentuated to give a mystic sensation to the fountains in the main entrances warmly inviting the passers to the inside.

To respectfully reflect the newly renovated mall interiors, UMAYA’s façade lighting strategy focused upon generating a vibrant lighting design. A dynamic RGBW color-changing system was thus specified to create an ever-evolving lighting scheme; one that is both interactive and dynamic.

The concept focuses on highlighting the distinctive architectural elements that stand out in the façade, creating several compelling layers of light. By backlighting glass elements, a touch of transparency is added. This is complemented through the use of backlit perforated façade elements to simulate a lantern effect. Finally, by adding media screens visible from a distance, an interactive beacon of light is evident to passers-by. Once the control system is configured, the multiple lighting elements will work harmoniously to deliver a multi-colored lighting scheme that is both cohesive and fun.

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