Cayan Cantara Tower

Location: Dubai, UAE
Use: Hospitality - High Rise
Scope: INTERNAL & FaÇade Lighting Design
Year: 2016

This mixed-use twin-tower project comprised of a residential tower alongside a sister hotel tower; is located on Dubai’s vibrant up and coming Umm Suqeim Road corridor.

UMAYA’s lighting design concept was inspired by the overall architectural narrative; one that emphasises two buildings representing a King and a Queen; with the King placing a crown on the Queen’s head. Accordingly, our concept focused on the crowns by illuminating them as if they were made up of rich and extravagant jewels glistening in the sun.

The protruding architectural curtainwall – representing the draping of the King and Queen’s cloaks – are used as a canvass for a lighting effect that is incredibly unique wherein the final result differs based upon the viewing perspective of both occupants and visitors. The play between light and darkness works to creates an experience that surprises and intrigues.

Finally, the Skybridge – used as a link between the two towers – is to be lit by way of a media facade. Utilizing this media-mesh as a source of light enables what was once a simple surface to be converted into a realistic display screen incorporating high-resolution videos and images. What was once a façade lighting scheme can become an income-producing asset for the owner, capable of being leased to media buying agencies. 

The primary goal of UMAYA’s lighting scheme for both interior public areas of the two towers was to result in a lighting effect that simulates a warm and welcoming embrace. Throughout all areas encompassed within our interior public scope of work, UMAYA lighting strategy was guided by emphasising the dual principles of both (i) engendering visual comfort that would indirectly result in (ii) a visually elegant space.

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