Coca Cola Arena

Location: Dubai, UAE
Use: Leisure - Sports
Scope: Internal Lighting Design

The lighting design concept for all the interior spaces took inspiration from the linear shapes formed by the façade structure, which included rhombuses, triangles and crossed lines. The core idea was to seep the façade inside through elements of light.

This design intent starts at the main entrance reception desk, where a concentration of geometrical lighting elements resembling the façade explode and break away from each other, eventually leaving single lines suspended in the space. This strategy is utilized throughout the arena, in the form of parallel and intersecting lines, providing a consistent approach and conveying the notion of movement and dynamism.

Flexibility of use and configuration was paramount, which is why most areas are DALI controllable, allowing for ease of reconfiguration and programming in case of changing conditions. Moreover, for instant light changing all areas facing the arena are DMX controllable and linked to the events lighting.

The entire lighting package was developed in BIM, offering swift coordination between disciplines and resulting in a design that is exceptionally coordinated and consistent.

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