Jumeirah Beach Hotel

YEAR: 2018

Inaugurated in 1997, The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the most remarkable and iconic buildings in the city. With a unique location on the Jumeirah beach and next to Burj Al Arab, the hotel is a very important tourist attraction that is a destination for people of different backgrounds.

We were appointed to participate in the renovation works of the interior and exterior lighting for the FOH areas where we proposed an outstanding approach which not only met the required technicalities in spite of the challenges this project held, but were able to put on the table creative solutions that met expectations.

Different areas required different approaches; the atrium and lobby held several visual targets that we urged the client to highlight them, and so they agreed. Indirect linear lights were embedded in the faceted lobby wall and special touches were added to the boat-bench. The reception wall was completely backlit and indirect lights were introduced to the skirting of all reception desks. The bespoke wicker dome was highlighted from behind with indirect color changing lights that would mimic the day colors throughout the day up until sunset where the light would shift to blue. Other complementary strategies were used to highlight the columns in the main lobby.

The lobby connects to the main All Day Dining restaurant, the deeply recessed downlights were arranged in a way to give a sense of continuity to the spaces. Additionally, bespoke pendant lights were designed by us exclusively to this restaurant to be in line with the interiors concept. Hanging baskets of wicker inspired by traditional fishermen’s baskets were designed to accommodate starlets of light. These baskets are set at different heights along the restaurant which happens to be of a longitudinal stretched plan which allowed our design intent to come true. Concealed narrow-beam downlights were fixed to the horizontal beams and aimed at the dining tables to create a significant contrast which helped in creating an excellent atmosphere.

Other areas include the corridors, lift lobbies, lifts, guestrooms, royal and presidential suites, beach lobby, kids’ corner, external terraces, washrooms. All were designed with similar carefulness and eye to detail which resulted in an exceptional overall experience.

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