Le Cirque Restaurant

Location: Doha, Qatar
Use: Food & Beverage
Scope: Internal Lighting Design
Year: 2018

The lighting scheme at this high-end restaurant was aimed at enhancing the dining experience through an array of with different lighting layers. A cooler temperature of light is observed, complimenting the white finishes within the restaurant and projecting a ceremonious mood.

The first layer is composed of task lighting. Recessed pinhole downlights aimed at the tables provide sufficient illumination and reduce any chance of light spills. The bar counter and the chef’s table were two key spaces where an interesting combination of unique decorative and cove lights was utilized.

The second layer comprises vertical features and joinery with indirect illumination. The vertical elements capture the eye of the guest and enhance the general ambience of the space, while joinery lighting provides the necessary illumination on the bar counter without any aesthetical clutter.

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