Address Hotel & Residences


The façade lighting concept was inspired by the Miami lifestyle, involving beach and sun themes. The core idea was to capture the moment the sun sets along the skyline and beach horizon, reflecting the soft and gradient beams of light that are scattered across the sky.

The focus was on creating a very simple yet elegant final result that would provide guests with a feeling of comfort and openness, reason why a warm color temperature was chosen throughout the façade, and why the lighting effects are soft and gradient rather than direct and sharp.

The landscape lighting focused on creating a memorable journey for guests and residents. As they walk around and discover the landscape, their path is lit with soft indirect lighting that reflects off the surroundings, giving the idea that light comes from within the nature.

Emphasis was placed on focal points to add an exciting and attractive touch, seen from both the ground and upper levels. These additions are meant to highlight the unique finishes, by the use of reflections and a balanced play between light and darkness.