Hadith Narrators Museum


The interior lighting design scheme was developed around the diverse roles of light; namely light as form, as function and as art.

Light as Form considered light as an architectural element; revealing shapes, enhancing textures and setting the right mood for contemplation and introspection. Light as Function referred to the act of illuminating; which took varied arrangements depending on the object in display and the surroundings. Lastly, Light as Art considered light as an artistic expression in itself, based on the premise that light implies knowledge and spirituality. How each of the above was incorporated in the different museum chambers depended on the architectural narrative and the storyline of the museum’s content.

The façade lighting design intent was to ensure that the architecture would speak for itself. Our approach was based on revealing the beauty of the architectural massing of the museum by highlighting the geometrical composition of the design by washing and grazing the vertical elements. This was complemented with self-illuminated translucent masses, creating a play between brighter and darker pieces.

As a means of linking the surrounding landscape to the building, the mountain slope was furnished with luminous points which became denser towards the museum, guiding visitors to the entrance and providing an unexpected scene from the road.