Institute of Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo


This neoclassical building was built in 1911 as a public high school, and declared a National Heritage Monument in 1976. In 2010 the building underwent a major façade restoration, including the development of a new lighting scheme.

Our proposal focused on stressing the architectural legacy of the building and its role in the neighborhood, by focusing on the main architectural elements. Strict guidelines in terms of loads and electrical points had to be followed, which demanded a comprehensive analysis of the visual impact achieved per fitting proposed and watt spent.

The majority of the lighting elements were concentrated between the first and second floors, to simplify the installation and create minimal disruption on the historical façade. This scheme allowed to wash the bossage downwards, providing a soft illumination on the sidewalk, and uplight the columns, arches and ledges on the second floor, stressing the building’s austere rhythm and character.

The series of sculptures on the roof was illuminated with a colder hue of light, to create a subtle contrast with the main façade and enhance the overall visual composition.