Jumeirah Beach Hotel


Inaugurated in 1997, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the most remarkable and iconic buildings in the city. With a unique location on Jumeirah Beach and next to the Burj Al Arab, this hotel is a prime tourist attraction and a destination in itself.

Our approach aimed at emphasizing the hotel’s identity. The renovated interiors were inspired by the sea, where key elements called for attention amid the architectural composition.

The reception, lobby and atrium were planned as a sequence of pictorial frames connected by visual targets. As we come in our eyes are drawn to the textured backlit wall behind the reception counter, followed by the multi-story kinetic lighting installation in the atrium. Once we take in this wow element, we notice further down the faceted feature wall behind the concierge and finally the weaved illuminated dome above the café.

The All-Day-Dinning restaurant features bespoke pendant light fixtures inspired by traditional wicker fisherman baskets, which hold starlets of light resembling the reflections on the water surface. These form a cluster of 104 pieces which stretches along the restaurant’s length, creating an attractive and unifying element.

Other areas include the corridors, lift lobbies, lifts, guestrooms, suites, beach lobby, kids’ area and outdoor terraces; all designed with the same carefulness and attention to detail which resulted in an exceptional hospitality experience.

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