Maison Majestine Hotel Apartments


The lighting design approach focuses on expressing the volumetric elements of the exterior architecture. These elements are treated carefully within the overall nighttime scene to adequately stress the building’s character and boost its presence within the vicinity. In developing the concept, effort was made to accentuate the façade’s texture through the use of surface grazers and stronger light intensities. Color temperature grades slightly from warm podium levels to cooler tones at the middle body, while smoothly warming up again at the rooftop canopy. The ground floor spaces have an inviting feel through the warm spill of interior lights into the arcades. Narrow beam projectors are aimed at the podium’s diagonal M-shape beams, revealing these unique features and enhancing their visual weight. The inner surfaces of the vertical fins are grazed to offer a sense of depth, whilst the canopy structure is gently washed to crown the top of the building delicately. This configuration allows for the façade to be recognized from a distance. The central portion of the rear elevation is highlighted using diffuse lines at balcony slabs, whilst the top parapet is washed up to continue the canopy bracelet and culminate the vertical extension. The exterior hallways at the ground floor are illuminated to provide the necessary lux levels for safety and functional purposes whereas the column masses are kept unlit in order to mitigate their strong visual impact within the architectural context.