The Emaar Boulevard


Any major city in the world has a must-see street. Champs Elysees, La Rambla, Orchard Road, Lan Kwai… what all have in common is their ability to get people together and reveal the pulse of the city regardless of the size, aesthetic or even the use of these streets.

Our lighting enhancement project brief aimed at doing just that, fostering human interaction and showing what Dubai is about, transforming the boulevard into a destination for tourists and pride for residents. This was achieved with the creation of happenings that represented permanent ‘artistic lighting’ interventions placed along the boulevard. These happenings were placed every 220 meters approximately, organized into three series.

The Discover series reutilized the existing illuminated tree sticks, that were already available around the trees in the boulevard, organized and mounted in a way that created new configurations and unique spaces that the pedestrians could walk through. In five different designs: the maze, the forest, the dunes, the fountain and the star.

The Play Series is a collection of permanent lighting installations designed to interact with the pedestrians and engage the public. It consisted of two installations Waiting for Gulliver and Spotted!. Waiting for Gulliver plays with the notion of scale and the significance of the human being. Oversized table lamps populate the area projecting soft warm white light on the floor. Upon stepping under them pedestrians are lit in strong saturated colors providing a fun and unexpected experience. The Spotted! Is made up of an arrangement of colorful backlit doughnut shaped benches that invite people to sit and admire their surroundings.

Finally, the Feel Series is made up of five different gobo designs that are projected between the trees with patterns of light that are based on the following elements of nature: Forest, Fire, Water and Stars.