A Call with Light

The lighting scheme of Azizia Mosque is multi-layered, in order to assign a clear hierarchy of elements while keeping a soft and balanced atmosphere throughout the building. Key elements, namely the mehrab, domes, arches and screens were given visual priority, not only as a means of showcasing the high level of artistry, but also to establish a logical sequence of views, aligned with the actual worship ritual. The remaining lighting strategies were treated as fill-in light, to achieve the necessary lighting levels for lecture (Quran).

The lighting to the main domes goes beyond pure illumination, and is used to communicate with the faithful and convey a message. At Adhan (call for prayer) the warm white wash starts shifting to cooler temperatures of white, ending in a blue hue by the time all people gather and prayer starts (Iqama). This is not only visually attractive, but also represents the act of elevating oneself spiritually and connecting with God. This strategy is repeated outdoors on the lighting totems, carrying the message beyond plot limits and into the community. This feature is controlled by an astronomical clock, to consider the time shifts during the year.