Grunge & Color

The concept behind the design of the first Warehouse Gym in Dubai was to recreate the gritty feel of the '80s gyms. Raw materials, exposed structures and huge graffiti by renowned artists Tom Deams and Shaun Sper take us back to the New York underground grungy world.

Light had a key role in this project, both as wayfinding and visual stimulation. Bright saturated colors categorize the different training areas and provide a fun and energetic atmosphere for workout. The use of marked contrasts adds drama to the scene and enhances the feel of mystery and anonymity.

The lighting elements used complement the raw ambiance. Pink and blue neon lights guide males and females to their respective changing rooms, while industrial projectors reveal the graffiti on the walls, spreading their colors in the space. The lighting strategy for the boxing ring was inspired on Rocky movies, where a single suspended high-bay provides character, drama and illumination. The achieved atmosphere is surreal, energetic and inspiring.