Trends 2019

Maša Šuica from our Dubai studio was in Milan earlier this month to discover the latest trends in decorative lighting design and manufacturing. Here are her top picks and thoughts on the direction the industry is moving:

Without a doubt this past edition of Euroluce has seen a lot of innovation in terms of materials and technology.

Several brands have been experimenting with rubber, leather and textile belts. Wireline by Flos is a perfect example of how a flat rubber strip becomes the main design element and not just a power cable. Along the same lines Vibia has launched Plusminus, a carefully designed weaved textile system which also carries current. More versatile and equally exciting is Linealight’s Ink, a system composed of elastic rubber lines which is fun, elegant and easy to install. When it comes to leather, Belt by Flos excites both by its texture and detailing.

A sculptural and geometric approach to fixture design could be seen across the entire exhibition; Miami by Terramoto and VVV by DMC Editions are great examples of how light, material and technique merge beautifully into breath-taking pieces. Simplicity at its best, Primitive Structure and Vertigo by Michael Anastassiades and Miliana by Marset remind us that less can be more, so much more. The play of shadows in Leria by Arturo Alvarez is pure art and experimentation.

Acoustic lighting has been a big thing for the past years, and is reaching a tremendous degree of sophistication and performance. The Ripple system by Artemide is inspiring, as well as the Derby adjustable suspended fixture by Linealight. Diade by Luceplan, released three years ago, is still shining and looking great !

Spheres of light within stretch fabrics was also a common element this year, providing outdoor spaces with practical yet visually appealing lighting elements such as Laflaca collection by Marset. Equally attractive is the Costa collection by Wever & Ducre inspired by fishing nets. This fixture is also portable, making it very versatile and easy to use. Madre by Foscarini incorporates also a planter, allowing you to “personalize” your light fixture while providing soft low level illumination.