UMAYA Lighting Design partners with Gallegos Lighting Design.

UMAYA Lighting Design is proud to announce its recently established partnership with Gallegos Lighting Design, an internationally renowned lighting design consultancy led by the eminent lighting designer Patrick Gallegos.

With 35+ years of experience coupled and well over 600 successfully illuminated projects located across North America and beyond, the team at Gallegos holds a particular specialization in lighting design for projects with an emphasis on experiential architecture. More specifically, some of the worlds’ most renowned Theme Parks, Museums, and Aquariums have experienced the immersive lighting environments Patrick Gallegos and his team have crafted over the course of a long and distinguished career.

This partnership harmoniously fuses together the combined teams, capabilities and experiences of two award-winning lighting practices with a vision to provide best-in-class global lighting design services the world over. With projects completed across virtually every continent, UMAYA and Gallegos intend to seamlessly deliver an array of lighting design scopes of work and services no matter where in the world projects and their design teams may be located.