UMAYA Lighting Design takes home Innovative Lighting Project of the year.

UMAYA Lighting Design won the award for Innovative Lighting Project of the Year at the Light Middle East Awards 2015. These awards recognize and celebrate each year's visionaries and best projects in the lighting industry. The gala ceremony took place on the 8th of October 2015 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Located at the heart of Business Bay, Dubai, Prime Tower benefits from a truly strategic location, with views of the canal towards the east and Burj Khalifa towards the west.

The building was seen as a blank canvas, where light was used as a means to amaze, and most importantly, to set apart from the surrounding towers. The tower was interpreted as a reflection of the sky, more specifically as a reflection of the stars which guided sailors and bedouins in past times.

The random arrangement of the star constellations contrasts beautifully with the rigorous structure of the glazing, unveiling an unexpected effect. The gradual concentration of the bright dots stresses the curvature of the outer shell, while visually stretching the tower towards the sky. Three colours of light (white, turquoise and blue) give depth and texture to the glass surface, while conveying the star mood.

Both roofs were gently washed to indicate the ending of the different masses, and suggest the volumetric gesture of the building. These peculiar shapes can be considered as crescent moons, amidst the sky of stars.

The equipment specified was LED dome indicators for the stars, LED linear grazers for the podium panels, fluorescent linear wall washers for the roof and Led strips for the column rings. The total load for the complete tower is 12.24kW, including roofs, podium and galleria.

Once again, UMAYA Lighting Design proves to be at the forefront of lighting design and innovation in the region.