What’s in a name ?

Choosing a company name can be difficult business; the more so when your activities are geographically dispersed across the world, since words and phrases can have meanings that are poles apart in different countries.

The quintessential case of the Chevrolet Nova’s launch in South America exemplifies how not to name a new brand: prospective clients steered well clear of the model given that ‘No Va’ means ‘it doesn’t move’ in Spanish.

We are fortunate that in one word – UMAYA – we convey strength, wisdom and joy and the search for hidden questions with one word that has links in many international cultures. In a world replete with cross-cultural sensitivities, UMAYA is just at home in Japan as it is in Dubai and across South America.

UMAYA meaning: Umaya likes to research, reason and discover the answers to hidden questions. Umaya is always on the quest for knowledge and wisdom (nameslist.org)

UMAYA is also a god of joy and wisdom in India, was a strong Middle Eastern dynasty in history and has links to Aztec dynasties.

Ultimately, a name that embodies your company’s core philosophy, beliefs and values will go a long way when reflecting the work you wish to share with the world.