Al Mada Towers


Al Mada Towers is a state of the art residential development located in the Corniche of the city of Jeddah. The project consists of two identical towers which rise 358 meters above sea level and a six story podium which will provide residents with 20,000 sqm of outdoor landscaped areas.

Our task involved planning three different concepts for the facade lighting of the complex. Each proposal focused on different aspects of the building and carried a specific story behind the aesthetical result.

The Ameba | The approach was to stress the organic shape of the towers. We worked in contraposition to the natural light affecting the building. The concave areas are lit while the convex zones are left in the dark, contrary to what happens during the daytime. The result is a striking sinuous surface rising from the water.

The Equalizer | This lighting scheme focuses on enhancing the verticality of the buildings, while showing them as an addition of different elements rather than monolithic masses. The vertical arrangement of the balconies defines vertical stripes which decompose the buildings into several pieces, providing the towers with a funky and unexpected appearance.

The Sea | This final proposal also enhances the organic shape of the buildings, but the strategy used is not to light them up but to delineate them. A sequence of dots at increased spacing defines the convex areas, giving the towers an elegant yet contemporary feel. This lighting scheme is further developed by the use of an animation inspired on the sea tides.