Crowne Plaza Hotel


This hotel is part of a high-end business park development next to Doha International Airport.

Following the client’s request that the external lighting should be funky yet welcoming, we opted for a combination of warm white and bright red light sources, as a means of integrating their corporate colors onto the building’s facade.

Uplighting the main structural elements helps reveal the architectural composition, and provides a background for other vivid interventions. The main feature is the apparent random Led dots located on the horizontal profiles, which read in Morse Code a welcoming message to the approaching guests.

Crowne Plaza Conference Building

This building, with its unique crystal ball appearance, is focal point and barycenter of the development it is inserted in.

Considering the high exposure of the building to the surroundings and the highly reflective finish of the glazing, we went for a solution that would both avoid uncomfortable glare and stress the idea of a central dynamic element.

The analogy of star constellations worked perfectly. Three hundred small Led dots inserted in the glazing joints fade in and out, in a predetermined order forming different constellation patterns. During the night the dark glazing is the perfect background for these sparkling stars.