Developing the main lighting installation for the largest indoor arena in the region was not an easy task. It not only had to evoke a sense of energy and excitement, but also provide the atrium with character and identity.

The primary inspiration was taken from the geometrical structure of the facade. The trapezoidal shape was extracted and utilized to generate the basic modules of design. These modules were then organized in a general funnel arrangement, as if the fa├žade was imploding into the entrance lobby as a result of the human energy inside the venue. The installation is dense right above the reception desk and spreads both upwards and outwards, with the modules gradually breaking apart and filling the space.

A total of five typical modules were developed, each made up of single linear elements with a 360-degree spread, allowing to be perceived from different heights and viewing angles. These lines of light have RGBW capabilities, which can produce an array of scenes intentionally developed for branding purposes. To ensure that the final arrangement fitted perfectly the installation had to be thoroughly studied and mocked-up. The fact that the project was entirely developed in BIM helped tremendously to avoid any clashes and odd viewing angles.

This installation is an interesting example of how lighting can connect architecture with branding, through a fun and exciting lighting experience.