Marli New York Boutique


This flagship store is the first of a new generation of MARLI New York stores that’s boosting the brand’s legacy. Designed by Aranda\Lasch of New York, the store feels intimately connected to its home in New York City. With curated and mindful attention to detail, Aranda\Lasch derived a crafted vertical texture from the brand’s monogram, which resonates across the design of MARLI boutiques globally. For the Riyadh store, this was achieved through vertically arranged sourced stone, wood and glass details. The design provides a coordinated balance of colour, light and material to serve as a background for the bold and versatile jewellery.

The lighting scheme developed by our Dubai team was carefully crafted to enhance the gorgeous palette of textures and colours, while achieving a layered and controlled environment which puts emphasis on the exquisite pieces displayed.

Two new spaces, the M Lounge and the High-End Jewellery Lounge, were specifically introduced in this store. The lounges provide a space for specialty collections or new product launches to be displayed, while creating an intimate and private experience for clients.

The boutique also features a new inviting façade variation for MARLI New York that uses a distinctive marble to frame the flanking display windows. At each window, a jewellery case floats in the centre of a custom monogramed textured blue glass panel that gives the viewer a sense of the interior, while showcasing the brand’s distinguishable designs.