Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel


Situated in one of the most prestigious locations on Palm Jumeirah, on the right side end tip of the outer Crescent Island, this magnificent water front development consists of a luxury hotel and residence, private marina and beach club. The six storey five-star resort hotel, residences and serviced apartments, spa retreat, marina and beach club, have been designed in an elegant foliage shape, to preserve the unique spirit of The Palm.

The starting point for the facade lighting concept was the dialogue between the building and the sea. Our aim was to narrate a story, and capture the energy, dynamism and sparkle of the water surface during the night. The architectural mesh was used as a blank canvas, where hundreds of light dots recreate the eternal movement of the sea. The shape, speed and tone of the waves vary during the night, to reflect the excitement or serenity of the surroundings.

Following this same concept, the indoor lighting design scheme goes deeper, under the surface. In order to bring this idea to life, the sea colors, sun beams, reflections and marine features became the main elements to emulate. Dynamic hues of light, blue and turquoise anecdotes and organic shaped lighting fixtures evoke the underwater world.